Nerva Stats

  • Price USD: 0.0127 USD
  • Price BTC: 0.00000120 BTC
  • Algorithm: Cryptonight
  • Network: 0.00
  • Diff: 0.00
  • Last Block:
  • Coin Difficulty Target: 60
  • Block Reward: 0
  • Total Coin: 18,000,000

Mining Pools

A new coin which aims to be ASIC, GPU and NiceHash resistant. The nodes are up and i would like people to direct just a little hash towards it to test if the theory works

Block Explorer:
Trading on Altex:

This is very early days. The blockchain went live 5 minutes ago and a few people invited to the discord have just started mining it with single CPU cores.

This post will be updated with more info very shortly. There is much to write, but i want to get the word out as fast as possible


Technical details

Ticker: XNV
Total Supply: 18 million + tail emission
Block Reward: 70
Block Time: 60 seconds
Maturity: 10 blocks
Algorithm: Cryptonight Adaptive
Premine: 1% (180,000 XNV)