Monoeci Stats

  • Price USD: 0 USD
  • Price BTC: 0.00000000 BTC
  • Algorithm: X11
  • Network: 467.80 G
  • Diff: 30.06 K
  • Last Block: 550891
  • Coin Difficulty Target: 0
  • Block Reward: 4.5
  • Total Coin: 50,000,000

Algorithm: X11
Symbol: XMCC
Block time: 120 seconds
Recalculated difficulty: Every block
Max coin available: 50 Millions
Transaction confirmation: 6 blocks
Mining maturation time: 100 blocks
P2P Port: 24156
RPC Port: 24157
Masternodes Creation: 1000 XMCC
Masternodes Confirmations: 15 confirmations
Governance Object: 50 MCC to send a proposition to the network

More information about the network:

Spork System: Available
Instant X: Available (limit at 500 XMCC)
DarkSend System: Available
Gouvernance Object System: Available after block 130000
Cycle of 21000 Blocks
Windows payments 100 Blocks
Superblock System: Available after block 150000
Cycle 21000 Blocks
Masternodes System: Available after block 1000
Reward up after block 131400 (about 6 months)
Progressive increase: every 21600 block (1 month)
Security BIP34 and other BIPs: Available after 5000 blocks

The MonacoCoin project aims to integrate cryptocurrencies in a real environment. The Principality of Monaco is a perfect ground for the integration of currencies in small-scale businesses. This project wants to popularize as much as possible the use of cryptocurrencies and especially its use in our daily transactions.

MonacoCoin aims to federate a large number of Monegasque businesses and provide them with smartphone and credit card applications for end users, as well as payment terminals dedicated to Monegasque merchants.

The Principality of Monaco is part of a safe and reliable exchange process to become a forerunner in the field of blockchain-based technologies.

The development of physical means of payments will be financed by the valuation of the currency in the markets.

The developers of MonacoCoin want to propose a powerful system inspired by an already functional base, therefore they decided to modify the latest version of the DashCore in order to launch a first version secure, reliable and easily usable. Afterwards, the code evolution will be detached from the Dash code in order to propose innovations and specially to adapt to the demand and the observations of the users of this currency in the country of Monaco.