IDApay Stats

  • Price USD: 0 USD
  • Price BTC: 0.00000000 BTC
  • Algorithm: X11
  • Network: 73.42 G
  • Diff: 2.40 K
  • Last Block: 66708
  • Coin Difficulty Target: 150
  • Block Reward: 3.24
  • Total Coin: 21,000,000

Mining Pools

The latest addition to the industry, our coin brings innovation and exciting new projects, with a fast and secure cryptocurrency.

IDA PAY ... The Cryptocoin Revolution !
We are glad to introduce our latest addition to the Altcoin community.
We are eager to bring new features that will not only profit our community but the entire industry.

Masternodes and miners:
Masternodes are a very important part of the network, they provide Core services to the whole community,
such as anonymization and decentralized governance.

Voting system:
From Day 1, we will be using an integrated governance proposal and voting system as we believe
it is important to have the community involved in all our projects, in the most official and democratic way possible.

This coin distinguishes itself by its exciting projects bringing many innovative ideas to the industry.
See our whitepaper for more information about our current R&D projects.

Everything we do is dictated by our community.
All decisions have to go through our integrated voting process.

The key behind our coin is to bring new features and disrupt the status-quo.

Fast and secure transactions are core concepts that cannot be forgotten.
We pride ourselves in having a stable network that is made possible by all our current supporters.

Ticker : IDA PAY
Max supply : 21 000 000
Coinbase maturity : 15 blocks
Target block time : 2.5 minutes
Block rewards = 18 IDA
PoW algorithm : X11
Masternode Collateral: 1500 IDA
80% of rewards are given to Masternodes.
PoW: Miners currently receive 20% of rewards.
Premine: 2 %
This fund is used for Bounties, any expense
deemed necessary by our community.