Festival Stats

  • Price USD: 0.0014 USD
  • Price BTC: 0.00000017 BTC
  • Algorithm: Cryptonight
  • Network: 6.17 K
  • Diff: 739.86 K
  • Last Block: 156446
  • Coin Difficulty Target: 120
  • Block Reward: 24.29
  • Total Coin: 18,446,000
Festival coin (FEST) is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on an open-source technology CryptoNote. Provides users with a completely anonymous payment scheme. The initial Festival coin source code (v.2.0) is a bytecoin fork.

Festival coin using community-driven development method so everyone is free to contribute even to determine the direction of the project as long as supported by the community.

We are in the process of launching a festival currency which will be used with smart contracts to create personal tokens for festivals or events

The FEST main goal is to becoming a secure, fast, easy, private, and untraceable online payment tool. In addition to developing the FEST Core itself, the next development that we (community) will do together is to provide integration to existing online platforms eg. WHMCS, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and so on. By providing such integration, it is expected that FEST will be widely adopted by online merchants (whether they sell services or goods) thus opening the opportunity for mass adoption to the general public.

The mining process of FEST is available for an unlimited range of persons who use GPU and CPU processors, but it's also protected from special mining devices like ASIC.


Algorithm: CNV7
Block time: 120 seconds
Difficulty retargets each block
PREMINE : 5 pourcent
Block reward decreases each block according to the formula: BaseReward = (MSupply - A)/218,  where MSupply = (264 - 1) atomic units and 'A' is amount of already generated coins
One coin is divisible down to 8 decimal places
Total coins: 18 446 744 073 709 55 atomic units (= 18.446 Million FEST)

Coin Information

True anonymity & data protection
Untraceable payments use ring signature
Unlinkable transactions with random data by the sender
Blockchain analysis resistant
POW mechanism is a voting system for users
Multi-signature transactions

Official Website :


Official downloads and links

Source and binaries  https://github.com/FESTIVALCOINDEV/festival-2.0-V7






-Maple exchange  https://maplechange.com/markets/festbtc?markets=all&column=name&order=asc&unit=volume&pinned=true

Altex and TradeOgre request done  and many others will come.

Blockchain Explorer  :  


Social Networks

Discord : https://discord.gg/zNcfCHy
Telegram Group :  https://t.me/joinchat/BbDUDUyeyHB8A1slWcrIGQ
Twitter : https://twitter.com/FestivalCoin
Facebook : https://facebook.com/festcoin
Telegram Channel : https://t.me/festivalcoin
Github : https://github.com/FESTIVALCOINDEV