Electroneum Stats

  • Price USD: 0.0051 USD
  • Price BTC: 0.00000048 BTC
  • Algorithm: Cryptonight
  • Network: 3.44 G
  • Diff: 206.23 G
  • Last Block: 589453
  • Coin Difficulty Target: 60
  • Block Reward: 7002.33
  • Total Coin: 20,999,999,488

Secure and private
Designed for mass adoption
App based mobile mining
Signed agreements with global mobile networks
Provide a digital payment solution to the developing world

A lightning synopsis
ICO closes early due to reaching $40m hard cap. Over 120,000 contributors.
Signed agreements giving access to over 100m users.
1060301 live ETN users. Over $750m (USD) of ETN traded in first 40 days. ETN Market Cap $800m+ (USD).
Mobile miner launched on Android.

The Road To Mass Adoption
It’s common for cryptocurrencies to talk about seeking mass adoption. It’s far less common for them to make tangible progress towards that goal.

Step 1: Finding the users

Electroneum aims for 10s or even 100s of millions of users and has a clearly defined route to market.

We have signed agreements in place giving access to over 100m smartphone users via mobile operators (the companies that provide airtime and data to your smartphone).

Electroneum is also the first cryptocurrency to secure membership of the GSMA as part of our strategy to expand via this sector.

The viral appeal of Electroneum is immense. When a user downloads the Electroneum app they can experience mining their first Electroneum coins straight into their wallet in minutes. By allowing users to earn a handful of ETN coins per month for just being part of the Electroneum community, we can quickly grow Electroneum to be the largest used cryptocurrency in the world.

Step 2: Allowing the users to spend their currency

The key to mass adoption is to not just ensure people can access your currency. You must ensure the currency has utility.

Once users have Electroneum in their wallets they will start to want to experience spending cryptocurrency for the first time. That’s where the second benefit of our partnerships with mobile operators makes all the difference.

Our partners have agreed to begin the process of accepting Electroneum as payment from their customers. We are currently in negotiation with some enormous global brands who have expressed strong interest in adding Electroneum digital payments to the list of 'ways to pay'.

We already have signed agreements in place to develop Electroneum payment integration for over 1.2 million agents, dealers and distributors in over 9 countries and have many more in negotiation.

As with all disruptive technology, the market’s entrepreneurial spirit will find ways to accept and use Electroneum as our numbers of users grow into the 10s of millions.

By making our currency available to millions of people, and allowing those people to spend our currency, we’re poised to take cryptocurrency further than it has ever been.