Arqma Stats

  • Price USD: 0.008 USD
  • Price BTC: 0.00000076 BTC
  • Algorithm: Cryptonight
  • Network: 4.88 M
  • Diff: 1.17 G
  • Last Block: 538739
  • Coin Difficulty Target: 240
  • Block Reward: 17.79
  • Total Coin: 50,000,000
ArQmA Specifications

ArQmA is a completely new and unique CryptoNote-Lite blockchain

- PoW algorithm: CryptoNight-Lite PoW
- Max supply: ~50 million
- Block reward: ~20 smoothly varying
- Block time: 240 seconds
- Difficulty: retargets at every block
- Block confirmation: 18 blocks
- Properly set 1MB Scratchpad to eliminate time-waste hashing by trying to divide into a 2MB Scratchpad like other projects had done
- Asic resistance : Yes
- Nicehash resistance: Yes
- BulletProof RingCT
- LWMA Difficulty Algorithm securing network against 51% HashAttacks
- Ticker: ARQ
- Emission rate planned on 30 years

ArQmA Roadmap

    Q1/2018 - ArQmA is a new unique block chain written by using Monero’s core, fully developed with many new additions to its programming. Our main goal is to have near zero transaction fees within our network.
    Q2/2018 - We are currently in the process of getting listed on exchanges and creating ArQmA’s new GUI wallet. Completing all of scheduled testing and bug fixes.
    Q3/2018 - With great passion, we give you all the opportunity to create the future expansion of ArQmA. All ideas are welcomed as we pursue the best possible block chain solution.
    Q1/2019 - Integration with banking systems to provide instant payment transactions with zero to minimal fees.
    Q2/2019 - Media and promotional rewards to expand the name brand and social awareness of ArQmA.
    Q3/2019 - Website improvements along with upgrades to the network, security, and block chain.

How is ArQmA different?

    We have no ICO
    There is a premine at 15 % which is not ours but for project purposes: exchanges, promotions, bonus blocks, view key available
    Our coin will take all the best features from other coins and add extra improvements to make it the most secure coin possible
    Based on Monero / Aeon / Cryptonight we find solutions that can take ArQmA to a higher level
    Community on Discord managed by well known supporters, Telegram, and Facebook
    Team that has a passion for Crypto and have worked on projects longer than a few years
    Our solutions will be available for free, open source, and can be implemented on any coin
    This is not just some ruin of the mill project. Our project is sponsored direclty from our pockets and take it very serious!

Future Plans
    Auto learning algo with the ability to find blocks even if pool is smaller than larger pools
    We are hard at work on including ArQmA in every possible way that will help everyone in day to day life, example: mobile payments, transactions, payments at shops, multi-currency transfers ect...
    PoS/PoW masternode in the works!

Community Statement:

All of you will create the ArQmA community, we will listen to your suggestions and try to introduce them. ArQmA is for you and our team will try to do everything possible to make it the best possible product of the future. Michal vel M@lbit, Arqtras, AEON_KING, and many others are devoted wholeheartedly to this project. We are open to cooperation with each of you!

Mining address to connect : port

Official website

Block Chain Explorer

Gituhub + CLI Wallet

Community discord channel:
Community telegram group:

Premine wallet address: ar4DExwEr4qM2dBRimSjZ5B11rZbAS9HEFeMYkgw3Ts4NQvS2NY2ra22M5CoQBDifWVxfig8fz7QvQ3 xDmGtRt1o1UP8jPTEQ
View key: 3ee53c136c57080c340e56f0545dad23a591b8bd5d2b89cff3c4182c88aa36fc

Premine wallet includes Dev income (1.5 mln to M@lbit and 1.5mln to ArqTras). We do not taking those money now bacause if we will need them for investments we will use them and we will not look on our income.