Alloy Stats

  • Price USD: 0.0097 USD
  • Price BTC: 0.00000129 BTC
  • Algorithm: Cryptonight
  • Network: 93.13 K
  • Diff: 16.76 M
  • Last Block: 55111
  • Coin Difficulty Target: 180
  • Block Reward: 71.03
  • Total Coin: 84,000,000
Alloy is a privacy focused Cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote technology, alloy seeks to be easy to use with relatively zero fees.

Alloy is a fork of the very first CryptoNote based Cryptocurrency, Bytecoin. Alloy introduces many new features, optimizations and overall improvements compared to Bytecoin.
Alloy includes the following features (but is not limited to...):

Coin Specifications:
  • PoW algorithm: CryptoNight
  • Supply: Absolute maximum of, 84 million XAO
  • Block time: 3 minutes (180 seconds)
  • Currency units: 12
  • Maturity depth: 60 blocks
  • Mining: CPU and GPU mining supported
  • Block reward: Alloy's initial block reward is, 80.00000000000 XAO (Algorithm: (maxSupply - alreadyGeneratedCoin) >> emissionFactor)
  • Difficulty: Retargets at every block
  • P2P-bind-port: 1810
  • RPC-bind-port: 1811

Road map:
  • Multi-platform GUI wallet
  • Mobile GUI wallet
  • Light/Web wallet
  • Low memory footprint
  • Optimizations...

Links & other resources:
No endorsement of third party services is implied. Use at your own risk. In the event of forks or other network issues be sure any service you use is properly updated and supporting the correct chain.

Available Exchanges:
Block explorers:

Solo Mining:
  • Download a pre-built version of the Alloy core, or build it your self...
  • Launch alloyd and wait until it is synchronizes with the blockchain.
  • Launch simplewallet --generate-new-wallet=your_wallet_name.bin --pass=your_password
  • Start mining from the wallet using start_mining command

Please join discord to see the newest bounties that are available.

Alloy is licensed under the "MIT License" for more info, refer to the License file.

Other Information and Links: